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The Art of Prep Work

May 19, 2011

If you’ve landed on this site, it’s likely you know I’m a pretty big food person, & I’m nearly on my way to enjoying some of the best meals this great earth can offer.

A few former House Pages & I are going backpacking across a big chunk of Europe, & we’re doing it in that classic, old-school kind of way. Hostels galore, overnight trains, busses, ferries, planes. It’s all in store for this quasi-adventurous, level-headed gang.

Project Packing:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to assemble some sort of backpacking-appropriate wardrobe. It’s certainly a challenge. Wrinkle-free, quick-dry, stain-resistent, light-weight. Versatile, fashionable, useful, washable. All of these words for each & every garment. A challenge indeed!

Regardless, soon I’ll begin filling my brand spanking new ‘Ariel 75’ Osprey backpack with my recent finds. I have yet to try & fill the poor thing. Let’s pray the seams don’t bust in the middle of Italy! Kind of hard to believe I’ll be trekking across half a continent with the little guy.

My gear:



Anywho, onto more exciting stuff. Here’s a rough list of our itinerary:

London, England: 3 nights

Paris, France: 2 nights

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland: 2 nights

Florence, Italy: 2 nights

Rome, Italy: 4 nights [day trip to Pompeii]

Venice, Italy: 3 nights

Milan, Italy: 1 night

Barcelona, Spain: 4 nights

And that’ll do it!

Thanks for stopping by!

– HerMoveableFeast – 

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