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All in a day’s work

May 21, 2011

I’ve come to realize I’m not so good at minimalist packing. In fact, even in taking a stab at backpacking I know I’m bringing too much, and I cannot help it. My ever-growing packing list is cluttered with too many “just in case” items. I’ll never fully understand those people who can throw a change of clothes in a duffel and be set for a month…don’t they need options? Toothpaste? At the very least, a third pair of underwear?

Then there are those people who do everything, and I mean everything, in one stinking pair of shoes. All-terrain, sneakery looking things with fifty straps & extra arch support. How do they do it? Options people, options!

So today, I went running around Miami looking for walking shoes. & shoes did I find. Too many, perhaps…

I decided on four pairs.

My tried-&-true ole’ Sperrys. A pair of black low-heeled walking shoes. & then the two that I picked up today, the brand of which I’m a little ashamed to mention…

I’ve always been one of those anti-Crocs kind of people. Vowed I’d never try on a pair, let alone own any. Well, now I own two sets. What can I say…they’re light weight, comfortable, & actually not nearly as ugly as I’d assumed.

I was lured into a Crocs store today, (who knew they had entire stores dedicated to the things!) where I immediately gravitated toward a set of lightweight khaki flats that didn’t look a thing the tacky Croc “sandals” I see everywhere. I threw the puppies on, & found they offered a heck of a lot of support for being so light. Sold.

Then I found the brown sandals. I’d been planning on bringing some junky brown flip-flops to wear in the hostel showers, (not too excited about that part of the trip) but now I have just as light, but far more practical replacements. Double win!

So four pairs it is. I hope I get some good use out of all of them.

I also zipped over to a Miami Dade Public Library in search of a few guidebooks. I walked out with nearly a dozen! How I love libraries & all that they stand for. The very same books are being sold for $13.95 & up, but now I’ve got everything I need for “free!” (Though I wholeheartedly believe nothing in life is ever truly “free.”)

Don’t worry, I’m not bringing all of them. I was lucky to find a little guidebook for nearly every city we’re hitting, so those will make their way across the big ocean. They’ll be back before late fees kick in!

Tomorrow’s my last day to pack…wish me luck!

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