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We made it!

May 24, 2011

It’s been a pretty crazy 24 hours. Or maybe 36 hours, I’m honestly not too sure how long it’s been since our flight took off from Miami! After some stressful delays and a bit of turbulence, we made it to Heathrow, all in one piece. The bags made it, thank goodness. Mine ended up being 33.5 lbs. Doable!

Felt odd walking all over the place with a giant backpack on. We certainly screamed “tourist” on the tube. Picked up an Oyster card for the tube, and found the new Prince and his Wife on the card…reminded me of DC metros and Obama’s election. Hmm.

Today we didn’t do too much in terms of touristy stuff. Checked into the hostel, which is very clean. 6 in a room, but overall it’s pretty friendly.

After a much needed nap, we ventured into the Kings Cross neighborhood and had a classic meal at a classic English pub. I had a delicious glass of Cider and an order of lamb stew. Believe it or not, the place was actually out of fish & chips! Just our luck…

We stumbled across this gorgeous train station, St. Pancras. It had some interesting artwork and a beautiful ceiling. What great architecture London has to offer! The 2012 Olympics are already getting quite a bit of attention — the station had huge Olympic rings hanging from the ceiling.

Adjusting to new words – loo, lift, and many more I just cannot remember right now. I’m exhausted!

Tomorrow we’re hitting a bunch of big spots — Buckingham Palace (changing of the guards!), Westminster Abbey, Harrods, an afternoon tea, (yum, can’t wait to try clotted cream!) the Albert and Victoria Musuem, Trifalgar Square, Picadilly Circus. Up at 7 am, wish me luck!

Hopefully I’ll figure out a way to throw a few pictures up here soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


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