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Meal Time

May 27, 2011

What a day. First stop, the British Museum. It is massive, and we just didn’t have enough time to see it all. The Rosetta Stone was really something, as was the museum’s rather impressive (but sort of stolen) collection of Egyptian and Syrian artifacts. I really enjoyed their clock exhibit too.

We pried ourselves away to grab lunch, and ended up at an adorable meat pie place in Covent Garden’s giant outdoor market. It was just the right meal, satisfying, warm and cheap, particularly good for the cold classic English weather. Rained on and off all day. I packed no umbrella, just a clear plastic poncho. Apparently, people don’t use ponchos in England, tourists or not. My friends are embarrased by me…I’ll admit I looked pretty ridiculous all day.

After lunch and a little shopping (1 scarf, 2.50 pounds) we hoped onto the tube heading for St. Pauls Cathedral.

I was awestruck. It is a glorious, glorious building. We took the over 200 steps (I made it!) to the very top for a great view of London. Yes, it was a bit foggy, but that was fine with us. The trek up there is very similar to heading to the top of the Capital building, but even more precarious. So many narrow passageways and steps!

We were able to stay at the Cathedral for their 5 o’clock mass. It was a lovely service complete with an even more lovely choir.

Then it was back to the hostel for laundry and packing. We leave for Paris tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning!

There was one last thing to check off the London Bucket List: Fish&Chip time. Had a fantastic piece of Haddock at a nearby fish restaurant. I love vinegar on fish!

Off to bed!

Finally, my camara loads photos!

Our Meals so far:

A few other great pics:

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