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To Paris We Go

May 30, 2011

Wasn’t able to get ahold of a computer in Paris, sorry for the lack of updates.

Paris was great (but of course,  how could it not be?). We really only had one full day there, but certainly made the most of it. Woke up early, had a great little breakfast of croissants, French bread, butter & nutella, then zipped to the Louvre on a Paris metro car, and made it there 10 minutes after it opened. Enjoyed a dose of perfect weather while waiting on the museum’s short line, and quickly made it inside, ready to explore.

A first stop was what is arguably the museum’s most famous piece, the Mona Lisa. We were really lucky to stand right at the front of the viewing section, as I’ve head it’s usually ridiculously packed. Got a great photo of all of us with her, and one of me trying out my own “Mona Lisa Smile!”

They have an exhibit of Napoleon’s furnishings, which is luscious. What a dining room table he had! Can’t imagine cleaning that thing…it must seat 50 people.

We pried ourselves from the museum after about two hours and made our way to Notre Dame. Luckily, we have a great navigator amongst us who has rather kindly been designated our map finder.

Notre Dame is on it’s own little “island” of sorts, and we had a lovely walk along the river getting to it. Didn’t make it inside due to the crazy line, but it was great to see nonetheless. So many architectural details! Can’t imagine the time and care that went into constructing it. There is a great park in the back of Notre Dame, which we sat at for a bit enjoying the fantastic weather. We’ve been so blessed weatherwise.

I had a mission in Paris…had to sit in a park in Paris, France and listen to my favorite song of 2011. It’s a little hippie-ish of me, but I went through quite a bit of a Joni Mitchell kick in the spring! The park behind Notre Dame could not have been a better spot. Found a green bench and enjoyed “California.”

On to the food: It was finally time for lunch. Had a croque monsieur on my mind (a ham sandwich with melted Swiss on top). We found just the right cafe, tucked behind a bustling outdoor market, and sat down to enjoy France’s best — it’s food. Split a cheese plate as well. If only we could have such great cheeses in the US! So good.

There was a pastry shop next door, and after lunch, I ordered about half their menu. Finally had my elephant ears! Mini eclair, brioche of course, and so much more. Ate it at a little park we stumbled across en route to Napoleon’s Tomb.

The tomb was great. Again, didn’t make it directly inside the tomb, but the church surrounding it was magnificent. So many tremendous churches in Europe, so unlike the US.

Made our way to the Eiffel Tower. We went to the second level, and it was awesome! The elevator ride up was pretty crazy…can’t imagine what going all the way to the top would be like.

Then picnicked by the tower and had a great view paired with great food (cheese, again, delicious). A river boat in the evening topped off our one night in Paris. A lovely whirlwind of a day indeed.

I’m writing this post from Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. It is just breathtaking. Breathtaking! Please google it…I wish I could upload some pictures to share. There is a waterfall right outside our “campsite,” and we’re right by the highest peak in Europe. Can’t wait for some chocolate! (Well, actually, guilelessly had a toblerone for breakfast. I’m on vacation.)

Took a lovely walk this morning and stopped in the 2,000 pop. town’s little church, surrounded by mountains on all sides. What a beautiful place to live.

Going on a nice hike in a short bit, and checking out the waterfall. Having some Roste (sp?) for dinner, which is a classic Swiss dish made from potato hash.

Thanks for stopping by!


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