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I’m all domed out!

June 5, 2011

I’m writing on an ipad, so please forvgive the typos.

If I’ve learned anything on this trip, it is that Europe is very, very proud of its domes. We have officially visited the continent’s three largest after making our way through the Basilica yesterday. Another breathtaking site (as was the Pantheon, which is actually about three feet larger than the Vatican City’s cathedral).

The citiy’s highlights:

Gelatto. Again, an Italian masterpiece of a dessert. Had a pear riccotta flavor at this place near the Trevi Fountain that serves over 100 flavors. Wow!
The Collosseum. Cannot wrap my mind around how cool it was to actually walk through it. What a tremendous piece of Architecture. Will be forever impressed by the feat of Ancient Rome.
Folded-over (potato) pizza. Pieces of thin pizza are cut in half & plopped on top of each other for a sandwich-like effect. I think they,re onto something genius. Had a fantastic piece for dinner today with rosemary & big slices of pan fried potato.
Full aisles of fresh pasta. I,ve been lucky to explore quite a few Roman supermarkets in the Ancient City, & they have so much pasta; fresh or boxed, big or small, round or flat. I honestly could spend a month of my life trying all of them.
The Pantheon. What beauty. You can literally just walk right into the place. Turn a corner on an unassuming Roman street and all of a sudden there it is. It is in such great shape considering how old it is.

Meal Time:

Well, yeserday we each grabbed a quick chocolate croissant before heading out for a day of adventure. I guess the Italians fill theirs with a creme filling, which is great. I.d assume it goes well with a tall glass of diet coke, though I had to settle for Europe,s “coca-cola light,” which is their awful version of d.c.

Lunch…Part One: An order of Calamari from a street vendor. How awesome is this country…they offer calamari on the street! It was lightly battered, perfectly fried, and lovely with a freshly squeezed giant piece of lemon on top. Part Two: Don,t judge me…we ate at McDonalds. I know what you are thinking. Please don,t judge…I had a “cheeseburger,”  a small order of “paptate” (aka fries), and pistaccio gelato (aka their McFlurry). It was actaully pretty decentish, and light on the budget. The place was packed with locals, could,t believe how much they love McDonalds!

Dinner: Ate outside and enjoyed an order of lovely bruschetta and a Carbonara, a dish whose history begins in Rome. The bacon in the dish was great, so much fresher than anything available in the States.

Dessert: Gelatto, of course. Enjoyed a scoop of raspberry and egg cream in front of the strikingly white Victor Emmanuel Building, which is in the middle of Ancient Rome. Perfect weather for the night…it really cools off here in the evening.

Today we actually took a trip about fifteen miles outside if Rome to visit a wonderfully preserved ancient city. Though it was a rainy, rainy day, we had a good time, & ended the day at a nearby town that is greatfully not overrun by tourists, as I have found most of Rome is. Had some of the best food of the trip there (& for pretty gret prices to boot!).

We got off at the metro stop & literally hopped into every eatery we came across to sample a bite or two. A few pieces of pizza, a couple of pastries, & a scoop or two of gelatto later, we were stuffed! If I,ve learned anything, it,s that the Italians sure know how to eat!

Off to Venice tomorrow, can,t wait! Should be a beautiful three hour train ride over. Another adventure ahead!

Thanks for stopping by!


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