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And the Italian Adventure Continues

June 9, 2011

The last bit in Rome:
On day three in Roma we ventured westward to Ostia, home to one of the world’s most well-preserved ancient cities. After a rainy day of climbing through ancient apartments and forums, we went a few metro stops farther out to enjoy what would become one of the highlights of the trip — a truly authentic (if not a little precarious) town filled with italian-only menus and cheap , delicious eats. Their potato pizza was delicioso, and I got weak in the knees over some kind of pastry covered in mountains of powdered sugar. 
After the meal, we walked about fifteen minutes to he sea. It was still a dreary day, but fun to see nonetheless. 

And now on to Venezia-
Boarded an early-morning train at Rome’s Termini Station, armed with a sack full of fresh mozzarella & artichoke sandwiches from a nearby market. Train left on time, & we made it to Venice by 1:30, right on schedule.
We stayed in this lovely, lovely “apartment” owned by this absolutely darling old Italian woman named Maria. We fell in love with her immediately…from her adorable English to her singsongy voice to her room-filling laugh, everyone wanted to adopt her as their Italian grandmother.  She made us breakfast every morning & brought it to our room. It was one of my friend’s birthdays in Venice, (how’s that for  a cool birthday!?) & she brought him a bottle of prosecco!! 
Venice itself is about the coolest disneyworld that could ever be. Magical, yes, but painfully reliant on swarms of tourists clamoring for good views and good eats. Still, I was taken by its undeniable charm. We loved getting lost in little side streets that make up the entire island– there really aren’t any main streets, beside the one that follows the grand canal, Venice’s US1. 
I had no idea Venice was flooded with so many gorgeous churches…they’re practically a dime a dozen! Marvelous, beautiful structures, all of them.
The sinking city is also home to gobs of handmade lace, tons of seafood, &, of course, the gondola. Divulged in just about all of it, though we opted for the far more budget-friendly vapietto boat ride (a Venice public bus).
Dined on calamari, black monk fish risotto, pasta pomodoro, & oodles of gelato during our stay. 
Now we are heading to Milan for a night before our night train to Barcelona. Hope to get able of Internet again.

Thanks for stopping by!

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