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Barcelona makes for great Birthdays

June 12, 2011

Barcelona. It´s quite the vacation spot…a good end to an activity-packed trip.

Last night we strolled through Las Ramblas (apparently strolling is some type of art form here…not sure weve got the hang of it quite yet).

Dinner was a bit off the beaten path, at a restaurant a friend we met in Paris recommended. It was fantastic. Had olives and cheese to start (the strongest and perhaps best goat cheese of my life). Then split a sizzling plate of red peppers with garlic, & finished the meal with marinated spareribs with garbanzos that was divine.

Also walked through Picasso´s museum, which he himself donated most of his works to in 1970, three years before his death. We gathered he was a pretty sexist guy from looking at his art, and had about 50 wives too. Hmph.

Another plus to Barcelona? Most affordable shopping yet!

Today we celebrated a great birthday! Beached at Barcelonetta, dined al fresco, savored paella, and almost made it to a flamenco show. This place is a great vacation spot! Reminds me a bit of Miami…which Iĺl be flying back to all too soon.

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