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A Closing of Sorts

June 19, 2011

I’ve been rather neglectful to HerMoveableFeast this week…I think I’ve just been cooped up recovering to the time zone, & have been trying to process all that happened in the past few weeks. Oh, so much. Information overload, the webies like to say.

Here’s the deal: Half a fortnight ago, we woke up at around 3 a.m. Barcelona time, and miraculously hopped in a cab by 4 (where we passed many partygoers still dancing the Spanish night away). Airport before 5, in the air by 7, and in Paris for a lovely layover before 9. Tack on another 9 1/2 hours with the lovely AirFrance (who really are lovely…their food is “bomb,” young New Englanders would say). Enjoyed two meals with them, both included 2+ fresh French baguettes, as well as a few squandered pieces of unpasteurized butter, (which I  savored. Knew they’d be my last for a long, long time.)

To America we went, on US soil by 2 pm our time. Finally, I’d made it to the land of user-friendly toilet seats, free refills, and ice, ice, ice!

My first order of business? A stop at a nearby Checker Burger for an XL Diet Coke, (extra ice, of course) a double cheeseburger, and a large fries. Oh how I love the land of the free! No judgements here for glutenous overeating. But perhaps that is our downfall…

Anywho, I am back home, safe & sound. All in one piece, which I think came as a bit of a surprise to most who know me. Myself included. Regardless, I already find myself bored, coming up with another summer project now that this one has come to an end.

I learned so much on this trip — how to travel, how to travel cheaply, how to eat cheaply, how to eat well (well, I guess I just improved that last one).

I do plan on keeping up with HerMoveableFeast. If you aren’t too sick of reading it by now, do “feel free” to keep on reading. I like to go places, and I like to eat as adventurously as possible during all of my travels. So thanks to Hemingway, the title still works.

Happy summers to all. May you deal with summer’s heat better than I…the Miamian in me is already craving a cool London sprinkle.

as always, 

Thanks for stopping by!


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