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Time for the Slimdown!

July 7, 2011

I’m back!

…& I’m finally suffering the consequences of that foodtastic trip of mine. Unfortunately for me, it’s time for The Great Slimdown.

It’s such a shame human beings were not designed to eat limitless quantities of their favorite foods everyday (Sonya Thomas being the exception to that one). Too bad that hunter-gatherer concept never considered the (almost) always open drive-through window at Whataburger…

Anywho, in a sad attempt to beat the system, I’ve rather boldly developed a somewhat cockamamie solution for the eating troubles of humankind. Been practicing it for years (particularly in prep for cruise ships…woohoo for unlimited ordering on those babies!). It goes like this: Spend 2 weeks prior to fantastic vacation eating healthily & doing mild cardio. Pig out on vacation, big time. Spend 2-3 weeks post fantastic vacation eating very healthily & doing slightly rigorous cardio. Repeat. 

I lose it to gain it, & a 2 week friedfoodfest vacation is just around the corner. Thus, it’s salad time!

So yes, I’ve been feasting on salads, grilled chicken, & veggies veggies veggies of late, but I’ve also been divulging in my new favorite frozen treat; sinfully delicious homemade ice cream! This “ice cream” tastes so much like the real thing…I’m shocked every time I whip out my blender from deep under the cupboard to make a batch of guilt-free goodness.

Such a simple recipe!

{You just need}

1-2 Frozen Bananas, cut into pieces 

1-2 tbsp Cocoa Powder 

Splash of Vanilla Extract

2 tbsp Vanilla Almond Milk (regular milk will do just fine)


Throw everything into a blender for a few minutes, add water if needed, & tah-dah! You’ve got yourself a bowl of potassium-packed chocolate-bannana soft serve. If you want the “ice cream” to be a bit colder/thicker, just stick the bowl in the freezer for a few minutes before enjoying. You’ll be shocked at how great this tastes! & if my calculations are correct, a whole bowl of the good stuff is only a little over 100 calories.

Thanks for stopping by!


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