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Back in Business

August 22, 2011

Neglectful. That’s what I’ve been to poor HerMoveableFeast. Forgive me, readers! (If I’ve still got any, that is.)

In the weeks since we’ve met on here, I’ve gotten really, really into food photography. It’s reached the point where my friends/family/innocent restaurant goers are all ready to kill me. I can’t help myself…snapping pics of everything edible is just too much fun! This will be a short and sweet post filled with a slew of my fave photos so far. I am definitely still learning, but I’m proud of where I’ve gotten a month after the obsession began.

I think I’m getting nostalgic because I head up to DC in about 36 hours (not that I’m counting…). I promise when I get back to Washington I’ll be posting more on here! After all, the District offers more foodventures than one gal can count!


 cheesyobsessions The best I've EVER eaten!



Starbucks…it had to show up sometime lobstertime


Thanks for stopping be!


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