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La Cucina de La Mina

August 27, 2011

Folks, I’m all moved in…& I’ve got a kitchen to call my own! Can barely contain the excitement. Finally my thumbed over recipes from my favorite of food mags can be sautéed, baked & broiled right in here my very own little oven. (& it is little, just look below.)

 My first “meal” in here was, admittedly, a baked box of brownie mix. But not just any ole’ mix…I used the good stuff, Ghirardelli Trippple Chocolate Chip. Giant chunks of dark & milk chocolate swirled within gooey brownie. So good, in fact, most are fooled to believing they’re homemade! (Available in a 6-pack at Costco, if interested. And yes, this means I have 5 left…)

But I diverge.

This is my kitchen! I’m going with a Blue/Cape Cod theme, since I hold that foodtastic place near & dear to my heart. It obviously has a LOT of work ahead, but with some creative TLC this little space is going to be just darling…& hopefully it’s going to turn out many-a-good-meal!

Sidenote: @ Costco, couldn’t help but grab a bottle of Vanilla Extract. It’s literally big enough to open a bakery. But so worth it…

my humble abode!

 oven pics!

 yes, this is a baby dishwasher. and it’s the size of the vanilla extract!

Lot’s of unpacking left, so that’s all for now! May we be safe in “Irene.” My Florida roots are more than prepared!

Thanks for stopping by!


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