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September 8, 2011

The B.Y.O.B.G fiesta was a hit! For those of you who are confused, the acronym stands for “bring your own board game,” and it was the first little party I’ve hosted entirely on my own. (Though I gratefully had some pre/post cleanup help from a few good friends.)

We laughed, we played Taboo, and most importantly, we ate some pretty delicious food. Healthful-thinking minds made two great salads, one a Greek with dill, cucumbers & kalamata olives, and the other with red beets, beans & sunflower seeds. So guiltlessly yummy, in fact, that I snuck an extra plate of each for lunch!

A friend of mine who’s just a fantastic cook made some homemade meatballs with a bit of a kick…after enjoying my plate, I feel the need to warn Ikea — watch out, they were pretty tasty!!!

Another friend brought homemade chocolate dipped strawberries, which were both wonderful to eat & wonderful to look at. (Sadly, they were just so good I didn’t snap a photo- but they were beautiful, please take my word for it!)

My “baked brie” with kahlua & brown sugar disappeared by the end of the night, and worked great with the Costco-sized sesame crackers served alongside.

I also mixed up some (mock) nectarine-lime mojitos, which were pretty AWESOME, if I do say so myself. Threw in some chopped mint & club soda, & thoroughly enjoyed a few glasses of the tangy-sweet beverage

{A Few Recipes}

Nectarine-Lime Mojitos

2 Liters club soda/seltzer

2 ripe nectarines, 1 diced, 1 sliced

8 sprigs mint, loosely chopped

1/2 package Minute Made Limeade

3 limes, 2 juiced, 1 for garnish

3/4 cup simple syrup (i.e. 5-6 tbsp sugar dissolved into 3/4 cup water)

mix ingredients, let sit for 1 hour, serve over ice

“Baked” Brie

1 full wheel brie (14 oz)

4 tbsp brown sugar

1/4 cup kahlua

Cut rind off of top of Baked Brie. Mix sugar & kahlua, and pour on brie. Microwave for 2 minutes, until melted. Serve with crackers.

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