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An Apple A Day

October 16, 2011

Keeps the doctor away, yes? To celebrate the season I used about 8 for this Falltastic pie — I’m hoping to be in good health for awhile.

I’d never made an apple pie until this weekend. Of course I’ve eaten the assorted variations – Dutch, All-American, Crumble, Applesauce, German – but I cannot decide which to love most.

I know I’m a crisp apple fan. None of that ultra-gooey, over-cooked apple stuff for me. But when finally making my very own apple pie, deciding exactly which version to go with was a little overwhelming. (Ok, I may be going overboard here.)

A bit bewildered  by creative pie-spinoff recipes on some of my favorite food blogs, I opened  the bible of my kitchen, my Fannie Farmer Cookbook, and looked at good ole’ Fannie’s recommendation. Page 541. It was for me. Simple, sweet, but not too sweet. Americana at it’s finest. Apple Pie.

But about that crust — Ms. Farmer’s recipe calls for shortening. Shortening is just one of those things I’ll never have laying around. & I abhor trips to the market just for that one little ingredient. So back to the internet for me, in search of the perfect pie pastry to match the perfect pie filling. Settled on Simply Recipe’s “Perfect Pie Crust,” though I did add quite a bit more sugar to my dough.

Once the dough was made, (which took awhile, since I used my blender, a tool I discovered is not at all meant for handling flour & butter) I grabbed those 8 apples & began to peel.

& peel. & peel.

It’s rather relaxing, apple peeling. As each red ribbon fell from its core, I’d notice an occasional overlooked bump or bruise. But alas, fruit pie is all-forgiving, & those little imperfections did nothing but add character to my own 3.141592.

Once the Yorks and Galas were cored & sliced, the crispy little guys were bathed in cinnamon, flour & sugar, & thrown into my mighty “pie” pan. The pan, admittedly, is a little deep for pie, so in reality I guess I was going for a Dutch-Apple-meets-All-American kind of thing.

As I was rolling out the top crust, I remembered the little pastry wheel buried in the depths of my single kitchen drawer. Took literally everything out of the kitchen in an effort to find it, & just before I gave up, there it was! My mini wheel with a crimped design would make this pie into a beauty.

I read Fannie Farmer’s tips on making a Lattice Crust, & found the instructions to be surprisingly simple. I’ve come to believe theory & practice to be vastly different principles (yes, even in the kitchen), but in this case, Fannie was right. It’s surprisingly simple to do, really. Just weave the strips in and out, over each other, & you’re in business. Pie crust dough is strong enough to handle a wee bit of manhandling, so all went well, & the Lattice came to Life.

I baked it for 40 minutes (5 minutes less than reccommeneded- like I said, I like a crisp apple).

Thrilled with the outcome. It’s a great pie. Hearty, sweet but not too sweet, simple, basic. Fall.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to make your own!

Thanks for stopping by!


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